Build Software to Test Software

"Build Software to Test Software" is our motto. Effective test automation with wide coverage and focus on cost efficiency, maintainability and sustainability is at the core of our business.
Over the years, we have benefited a lot from open source when building our bespoke set of automated tools for functional and non-functional testing of a multitude of complex and highly loaded software systems and platforms used by exchanges, investment banks, brokers, technology firms and other financial sector organisations worldwide.
It is high time for us to start contributing back to the open source community in return.

Our Mission

Exactpro specializes in quality assurance services and related software development with focus on test automation for securities data distribution, trading systems, risk management, market surveillance and post-trade infrastructures. We use bespoke tools and methods for every challenge and do whatever it takes to help our clients.

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Our Tools

Effective test automation with wide coverage and focus on cost efficiency, maintainability and sustainability is one of the areas where we have seen success in the recent years. We could not have done it without a suite of test automation tools, which we have developed over the years to provide the services.


Nostradamus is an open-source tool for analyzing software defect reports extracted from defect repositories. The tool uses machine learning techniques to determine important links between various defect attributes and generate certain bug metrics, such as the probability of a bug being fixed/rejected, including time to resolve, etc. Nostradamus also calculates various statistical data including distributions and values of aggregate function, it can also build the top of the most frequent terms and the top of the most significant words, etc. This knowledge further allows to achieve various IT-related goals, for example:

  • More accurate planning and goal setting for project managers;
  • Improving the defect report quality for QA analysts and junior analysts;
  • Discovering the dependencies, hidden in development for system architects and developers.

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JackFish is a multi-platform open-source tool that is specially designed for automated functional testing of Web/Win/Swing GUI applications. It is easily integrated with the Exactpro tool suite.
JackFish expedites test sprints via its ability to launch and processes batches of test scripts via command line/GUIs. Embedded JackFish Wizards facilitate user experience by automating routine operations. The logic of searching for GUI elements is conveniently isolated from the test scripts.

Video: "An Efficient Open-Source GUI Testing Automation Tool"

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Sailfish is an active real-time tool used for exchange, MTF and broker systems testing. It can also be used as an exchange simulator for testing post-trade systems or smart derivatives. Sailfish is a web-based application which supports simultaneous connections of multiple users for both incoming and outgoing streams. It is written in Java.

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